About Christi International

We begin with the Self to impact the World.

Christi International is a soul-centered organization dedicated to the advancement of Human Potentiality through personal awareness education and training to live your potential. We offer classes, workshops, coaching sessions, and a variety of teachings to guide you to reveal the Masterpiece within so that you can fulfill your true Soul’s Path of Service.

Within each of us resides our Soul Self – it’s Infinite, Wise & Powerful.
When we allow the full expression of our Soul Self to guide us, we blossom into the lives we are meant to live.

As a result of this work, you become a fully integrated person – heart, mind, emotions, and soul. Through revolutionary and thought-provoking teachings and trainings, we guide  you to fully align with the Truth of your Soul.

By embracing the beautiful truth of your Soul, you gain access to the inherent wisdom within. This is an essential process to fulfill your Soul’s Path of Service.

Our Mission

 CI CreedOur mission is to help you unearth your Soul Self, unlock your Potential, and live your Soul’s Path of Service.

By doing so, not only will you live a happier and more fulfilling life, you will enhance the planet in the special and unique ways that only you were born to do.

In keeping with our mission, we aim to create a safe and loving environment for soul development and personal growth. Our work is always grounded in the Christi International Creed:

  • Compassion for self and others
  • Honor of self and others
  • Respect and reciprocity
  • Integrity in what is said and done
  • Service to self and others
  • Trust & truth, the cornerstone of all
  • I am, the self and the individual

How We Work

We bring revolutionary spiritual guidance into the grounded realm of this Earth, offering you practical tools and techniques to birth your highest potential into being.

Because we work directly with Source Energy, our classes, lectures, and sessions are customized for the participants in attendance.

In all events, we offer a systematic approach to this work.

First, we share Spirit’s guidance with you. You’ll receive guidance specifically tailored for you and presented in the perfect way for you to understand. You’ll uncover your own internal blindspots, limiting beliefs, and the workings of your unconscious mind. Far from one-directional, this part of our work is a conversation, as you’ll have the opportunity to share, ask questions, and respond to all of Spirit’s guidance.

Second, we help you access your own soul’s wisdom. Through guided visualizations, meditations, and other techniques as directed by The Guides, you’ll learn to accept support from Spirit and follow your unique Soul calling.

Third, we leave you with tools and techniques. We believe that while information is good, if you don’t know how to apply the knowledge, it’s useless. We’ll always give you practical tools so you can integrate your new guidance fully into your daily life.

The results of this work are immensely powerful. As you peel back unconscious layers and limiting beliefs, you learn to live your true nature as a wise, loving, joyful, healthy, and abundant human being.

Learn more about our unique approach and the powerful results of working with us.

Unearthing U™

Our signature Unearthing U™ programs are truly the cornerstone of our work. Through spiritual guidance, powerful trainings, and valuable tools, you learn to release old limitations and unconscious programming. This work Unearths your true essence and provides you with the foundation you need to live your most powerful, loving, and truly fulfilling life.

Discover your Soul Self with the Unearthing U™ process.

Christi and Pete

Christi International was founded by Christi Maybo, who now runs the organization with her husband, Pete. Together, they form a dynamic team, each bringing unique energy and intuitive gifts to their work with Christi International.

Christi Maybo (formerly Calvano) is a passionate inspirational speaker, educator, and trainer. Highly intuitive from a young age, Christi has the unique ability to illuminate the hidden corners of the soul. Her true passion is to help others unearth and embrace their authentic nature and unique gifts. Through her work with Christi International, Christi has created a series of workshops and programs that lovingly guide others through the process of Unearthing their Soul Purpose.

Read more about Christi here.

Pete Maybo brings a lifetime of spiritual practice to his work at Christi International. Also highly intuitive, Pete is an expert at understanding relationships, helping people from all walks of life more deeply recognize how hidden patterns influence the ways they relate to others. With Christi International, Pete works with Spirit to help others discover how to best share their unique offerings and Soul’s Path of Purpose with the world.

Learn more about Pete here.

Do you feel called to discover the infinite, wise, and powerful soul inside you?

Learn how Christi International can help you discover the Masterpiece within and fulfill your Soul’s Path of Purpose.