Programs Overview

We’ve created a series of powerful programs to help you unearth your Divine Self, unlock your Potential, and live your Soul’s Path of Service.

The programs we offer at Christi International are co-creations with Spirit designed to unlock Human Potential. Because of this, they are powerful, revolutionary, and transformative.

Through these programs, you will clear away layers of emotional clutter, mental chatter and psychic debris. You will discover hidden talents, gifts, and joy beyond your imagination. You will, as The Guides say, illuminate the things you don’t know you don’t know.

Our Curriculum

Our programs are available in person and will soon be available as on-line courses.

Online Introduction

We’re happy to announce that we’ll soon be offering a foundational online course for our core curriculum. This will be a wonderful way to become familiar with our programs before diving into more in-depth study.

Course Progression

The following is our recommended progression of study.

Core Curriculum

Divine Communication Development Level 1:Understanding How I Communicate

First you have to learn how you process information. What details your brain is naturally seeking out and which ones’ its omitting. How you assess situations and what to do with the challenges that inevitably present themselves because of this natural process. And you need to learn how your intuition is already guiding you, how it has always been guiding you, and when you have been completely ignoring it.

Level 1 of our Divine Communication classes is an important prerequisite for our main Unearthing U™ program.

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The Unearthing U™ Intensive Life Transformation Series: Core Program

This is the cornerstone of our work. These courses unearth your true essence and help you discover who you are and who you are not.

It’s an intense excavation to unearth the joyful, loving, and powerful soul within you, that you are now ready to accept. Because you will now recognize that you weren’t accepting the best parts of you and it is pretty difficult to be successful without your best traits!

Completion of our core 12-week Unearthing U™ series is required for anyone interested in continuing to our more advanced courses.

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Divine Communication Development Level 2: Self-Trust and Accepting Spirit Support

A clean slate, that’s what it feels like when you finish Unearthing U™, you will be raring to go forward, ready to embrace all the potential and possibility that you now know you are capable of. Enter in trust in self, life and accepting support. To make it easier for you to venture forward and be fully supported, our Divine Communication Level 2 – will teach you how to accept support from your spirit guides, deepen your intuitive abilities and ensure that you are moving forward trusting yourself to make healthy choices and decisions.

Advanced Studies

Once you’ve fully invested in the skills covered in our Unearthing U™ and Divine Communication programs, the questions become, “What is next? How do I integrate this into my life in a bigger way? How can I pay it forward?” This is where our Advanced Studies come in. In these courses, you learn how to integrate your passion in new and powerful new ways.

Each track is an exciting adventure and will lead you forward into new and amazing possibilities. You can skip around and follow the path that calls to your heart. Enjoy the journey of self-discovery as you learn how to live your potential! 

Track 1: Divine Communication Cultivation

These courses help you cultivate your intuitive abilities and Spirit communications. Learn how to nurture your relationship with Spirit, discover your unique talents and abilities, while you uncover your path to be of service.

  • Divine Communication Development Level 3: Spirit’s Role and Your Ability to Be Of Service
  • Divine Communication Development Level 4: Understanding Your Physical Vessel

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Track 2: Relationship Cultivation

Delve into building healthy relationships- intimate partnerships, business colleagues, familial bonds or friendships. Here you will learn how to accept love, respect and honor from others. How to develop reciprocity. How to know when you are taking something personal. How to avoid the pitfalls of group interactions

  • Breaking Old Patterns To Create Your Ideal Relationship

Track 3: Thriving Cultivation

Jump into our Thriving Programs and learn more about how to make changes in your life going forward. These sections were developed to ensure you are able to put your skills into practice. Learn how to distinguish the difference between expectations and intentions, how to discover your passion, how to take action forward to create the life you once dreamed was possible – learn how to change your reality.

  • Thriving Level 1: Creating A Thriving Mentality
  • Thriving Level 2: Dusting Off The Dreams Inside
  • Thriving Level 3: Putting It Into Practice
  • Thriving Level 4: Churning The Soil
  • Thriving Level 5: Pay It Forward

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