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Reconnect To Your Soul: Experiential Workshop @ Anahata Yoga & Wellness Center
Aug 13 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

 Reconnect To Your Soul: Experiential Workshop

Your soul has access to infinite wisdom, clarity and Truth. So you need clarity to connect to that valuable part of self. It can’t help you if it’s buried underneath mental chatter, emotional clutter or energetic debris.

Join us for a Soul Adventure!

Where you’ll learn how to reconnect to your innate wisdom. Get practical tools and tips to develop trust in yourself.  Clear out emotional clutter. And identify new choices to move forward. Techniques for soul healing will be covered as needed.

Why take the difficult road in life, by being disconnected from your innate wisdom – when it’s right there inside you? Learn how to use the gifts you were given to help yourself and others.

Workshops are interactive, experiential and include practice exercises in a safe and supportive environment. Bring a notebook, bottle of water and something to write with.

About Christi

Unique. One-Of-A-Kind. Unordinary. That’s what you can expect with Christi. Born with a natural connection to Soul Wisdom, she’s an Advanced Soul Whisperer, Blindspot Detector and Life Strategist. Using her enormous tool box, she’ll guide you how to help yourself reconnect with the purity of your Soul.

Christi easily works with the energy of groups and individuals so that every gathering is customized for those in attendance. That ensures you’ll get what you need even if you aren’t sure what it is.

What People Are Saying …

“Hello! I am excited to say I was able to attend the June 26th meeting with Christi, ABCs of Your Soul, at Anahata. The room was packed full of energy and was practically standing room only. Christi’s own energy was unsurpassed as she *ran* first from one side of the room, then to the other, in an effort to encompass each person’s soul journey in the allotted time frame. Remarkable!” ~ Jan

“I was at your group workshop at Anahata Yoga. I really loved your approach and you made it very clear how to connect with our soul.” ~ Trisha


Contact Anhata Yoga & Wellness Center at 215-740-1354 or click here to register online.

Drop ins are welcome, but it’s a good idea to register in advance.